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    5 Common Workout Myths Debunked

    5 Common Workout Myths Debunked

    Workout Myth 1: You Need to Take Supplements to Shed Fat

    In fact, supplements actually play a rather small part in the fat loss equation! Trainer Sohee Lee from Peak Performance NYC explains that in order to be successful with your workout regimen, you need to “focus your efforts into nailing your nutrition and save money on the supplements.”

    Workout Myth 2: To Lose Weight, You Need to Run More

    “Do you want to become a smaller version of your former self—shape and all—or do you want to tighten up and show off those killer abs?” Lee asks. If your answer is the latter, you have to hit the weight room in order to sculpt, tone, and build more muscle—that’s what will keep you looking lean and strong.

    Workout Myth 3: …But Won’t Lifting Heavy Weights Make Me Bulk Up?

    The fact of the matter is, in order to build any muscle, you must train intensely and lift heavy weights—like the overhead shoulder press with 20 or more pounds. “Women don’t even have the hormones to support massive growth,” says Schwinn Master Trainer, Rachel Buschert Vaziralli. How heavy is your handbag? Is that bicep enormous? Nope!

    Workout Myth 4: Working Out in the ‘Fat Burning Zone’ is the Best Way to Lose Weight

    Technically, the body burns fat in this ‘zone’ because it can be more efficient when the work is not as hard. But, according to Sue Stanley, Equinox T4 Coach, efficiency is actually not a good thing. “It means the body is using fewer calories,” she says. “If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories, so try interval training instead.”

    Workout Myth 5: It’s Okay to Hold Onto the Treadmill, It Won’t Effect My Workout

    Sorry ladies, this one isn’t true either! There have actually been studies that show the diminished effort that holding onto the treadmill yields—you burn a lot less calories and engage far few muscles in your core. “You’re better off going a little slower or with less of an incline if that means you won’t hold on,” says Buschert Vaziralli.


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