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    Healthy Food of the Week – Apple

    Healthy Food of the Week – Apple

    Summer in Central New York in coming to an end. 🙁 Although we hate to say goodbye to another delightful summer, we get to welcome another New York leaf changing fall and of course – apple season! As the orchards begin to open and you plan your family apple picking adventures, keep these apple healthy benefits in mind! It’ll give you even more reasons to get out there and pick some delicious apples!

    Decrease Your Risk of Diabetes

    Apple Diabetes

    Apples and Diabetic health go hand in hand. The apple contains soluble fiber such as pectin – an important nutrient in diabetic health. Pectin helps by controlling blood sugar by slowing its release into the bloodstream, allowing for more control over diabetic blood sugar levels.

    Healthier Heart

    Heart Health Apple

    Apples have been found to play a key role in controlling LDL Cholesterol levels by preventing it from oxidizing and resulting in buildup of plaque in arteries and lowering inflammation. They are also high in pectin, a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol overall.

    Whiter & Healthier Teeth

    Teeth Health Apple

    While brushing and flossing are always necessary in maintaining good oral health and clean teeth, apples can assist in keeping your teeth white and healthy. Apples are mildly acidic, have a natural astringent, and have a fiber rich flesh, which can help to cleanse and remove food particles from your mouth and teeth. Like most crunchy foods, chewing an apple can help to scrub away teeth stains over time, such as coffee stains if you are a heavy coffee drinker.

    Detoxify the Liver

    Liver Detox

    Apples are a detox dream food. They contain tons of detox necessary phytochemicals like flavonoids and terpenoids, fiber, vitamins, & minerals. The pectin, which apples contain, can help remove metals and unhealthy food additives from the bloodstream as well.

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