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    Get to know our Healthy Food of the Week: The Avocado! There are many health benefits to the Avocado, making it a great food to boost your overall health and pinpoint certain health concerns.

    Anti Aging

    Avocado - Anti Aging
    Avocados contain the good fat know as mono-saturated fat. Can slip through the membranes and protect skin cells from damage, enhancing skin texture and vitality. They are also high in fiber, which can help remove toxins that lead to aging faster.

    Weight Loss

    Avocado - Weight Loss

    Fiber has many benefits to weight loss and metabolic health. Avocados tend to be very high in fiber with about 7% by weight. By including avocado in your diet it can help you to eat fewer calories, lower carbohydrates, and include lots of fiber.


    Avocado - Cholesterol

    We know that mono-saturated fat is healthy for you, but it also helps lower cholesterol. Avocados are high in a compound known for lowering blood cholesterol levels known as beta-sitosterol; so if you are trying to manage your cholesterol level, include some avocado in your diet.

    Blood Sugar

    Avocado - Blood Sugar

    Controlling high blood sugar isn’t always an easy task. By including avocado in your diet you are adding mono-saturated fat that help raise your insulin sensitivity – helping to lower your blood sugar and fiber that can help slow your blood sugar from spiking.


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