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    How to build Stronger Bones

    How to build Stronger Bones

    We should always be thinking about how to build stronger bones as we age. After the age of 25 bone building begins to slow down. After the age of 50 we begging to feel natural bone loss and are unable to perform high impact bone stimulating exercise. Eventually the risk of osteoporosis increase and bone break or fracture easier. Fortunately you can build stronger bones at any age. Here are 7 easy tips for women to keep their bones strong:

    Light Exercise. Engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday such as jogging, walking or aerobics.
    Calcium- rich foods. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and other low-fat dairy foods are calcium rich foods that help strengthen bones. Fish is also a great chose such as salmon, sardines or whitebait are also great choices. Some quick calcium rich snacks are almonds, fig, or tofu.
    Supplements. Sometime its hard to take in enough calcium through foods alone. After menopause, women need 1,000 to 5,000 mg a day. Supplements are a good way to get the recommend dosage but its important to check with your doctor before starting to find the proper amount that is right for you.
    Vitamin D. To help absorb calcium, 1,000 to 2,000 vitamin D needed. Sometimes pills that combined vitamin D and Calcium usually do not meet this requirement.
    Stomp your feet. It may seem a little silly but simply stopping your feet can help increase your bone density in your hips. Make it a habit to atom on cans before you toss them into the recycle bin. Four stomps on each foot twice a day is a simple exercise to take the areas that are most prone to fracture. Other areas to focus on are the spine and wrist. Push ups and planks are great ways to work on the wrist.
    Lift Weights. All women begin to loss bone loss after menopause. The strong the muscle the stronger the bone mass.
    Stretch. Stretching helps avoid a hunched over posture and reduces back pain and promotes good spinal mechanics and posture. Perform stretched slowly and smooth and twice a day for 20 to 30 seconds.


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