CircleofCareMapsWhat is the Circle of Care

Oneida Healthcare’s Circle of Care is a network of leading medical facilities and over 100 local physicians. As part of OHC’s Circle, you never have to sacrifice local accessibility for world-class care. In fact, we have over twenty care centers here locally, ensuring that in your time of need, you have the peace of mind knowing care is just around the corner.

This means benefits for you like on-site same day imaging at the Gorman Imaging Center, or faster reporting and diagnosis with our shared patient reporting system. Plus, our community of local physicians means an ever-expanding pool of expertise. This knowledge keeps OHC on the cusp of medical technology and treatment.

With da Vinci certified physicians, we have helped reduce patient recovery time. Our imaging centers are helping identify diseases early, so treatment is more effective. And at our renowned Sleep Center, we’re helping patients sleep easy by treating a variety of sleep disorders!

These are just a few reasons why we’re so excited about the expansion of the Circle of Care. By providing local physicians with local facilities they trust, we’re helping keep care local. This makes it easier on family, and most of all on you, the patient! If you have any questions about our latest resources, please feel free to contact us! And with State of the Art Information Systems, including our “Simple Admit Service,” communication with your physicians has never been easier, or more secure.

The Circle of Care

Camden Lab Services
9562 New York 13 Camden
tel: (315) 245-1388

Canastota-Lenox Health Center
115 Center Street, Canastota
tel. (315) 697-5272

Canastota-Lenox Lab Services
115 Center Street, Canastota
tel. (315) 697-5272

Chittenango Family Care
153 W. Genesee Street, Chittenango
tel: (315) 510-3677

Chittenango Internal Medicine
153 W. Genesee Street, Chittenango
tel: (315) 687-5100


Chittenango Lab Services
201 W. Genesee Street, Chittenango
tel: (315) 687- 6887

Extended Care Facility
323 Genesee St, Oneida
tel: (315) 361-2018

Gorman Imaging
139 Fields Drive, Oneida
tel: (315) 361-2345

9562 New York 13, Camden
tel: (315) 245-2950

North Side Lab Draw
Northside Shopping Center, Oneida
tel: (315) 363-1437

Maternal Health Clinic
321 Genesee St, Oneida
tel: (315) 361-2065

Oneida Healthcare Campus
321 Genesee St, Oneida
tel:  (315) 363-6000

OHC Sleep center
321 Genesee Street, Oneida
tel: (315) 363-6000

Neurology Specialists
301 Genesee Street, Oneida
tel: (315) 363-6000

Womems Health Associates
139 Fields Drive, Oneida
tel: (315) 363-9380

Oneida Health Support
321 Genesee Street, Oneida
tel: (315) 363-6000


Oneida Orthopedic Specialists
357 Genesee Street, Oneida
(315) 363-4651

Seneca St. Lab Draw
600 Seneca Street, Oneida
tel: (315) 361- 5407

Verona Health Center Family Practice
5547 W. Main Street, Verona
tel. (315) 363-3482

ENT Specialists of Oneida
221 Broad St Oneida
tel: (315) 363-5421

OHC Rehab
321 Genesee Street, Oneida
tel: (315) 363-6000