• 27 OCT 14
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    New Digital Mammography Comes to Oneida Healthcare

    New Digital Mammography Comes to Oneida Healthcare

    Oneida Healthcare is installing new state of the art digital mammography systems that can provide a more pleasant, soothing exam environment for patients while helping to minimize radiation dose and provide physicians with vital information.

    Unlike film, digital mammograms allow physicians to manipulate image characteristics such as magnification, orientation, brightness and contrast, which improve the ability to view specific areas of the breast. Results are produced more quickly, helping to decrease anxiety for patients.  Oneida Healthcare has purchased two Siemens MAMMOMAT Inspiration systems, the first of which has been installed and is now operational at the hospital.  Installation of the second system, which is 3-D capable, is currently underway at the Gorman Imaging Center in the Women’s Health Associates Building on the hospital campus.  “With the support of local donors, the Oneida Healthcare Foundation agreed to purchase one of the systems and a grant application to fund the other system is currently being processed,” said Joanne Ernenwein, the Foundation’s Director of Development.

    According to Elaine Hasty, Senior Mammographer and OHC employee for twenty-four years, “The image quality is outstanding, especially for patients with dense breasts and implants”.  Hasty said one of the system’s most unique features is the calming Mood Light that immediately provides a more soothing environment for patients getting mammograms.  The color of the lighting can change throughout the day to various soft pastel shades or stay just one color that best matches the environment.  Also, to help minimize the patient’s radiation dose and exposure time during a mammogram, the state of the art system selects the appropriate dose based on the individual patient’s breast characteristics.  In fact, Dr. Robert Goldberg, Chief Radiologist, said Oneida Healthcare’s new Mammography machines give the average patient the “lowest dose of radiation in this area”.  Both machines are also equipped with comfortable, flexible compression paddles and, to help further ensure patient comfort, compression is applied only as long as necessary.  Hasty noted that she has already heard positive comments from patients, such as “I really noticed a difference when I had my mammogram this time, it didn’t seem as tight and was fast” and “It was a quicker process”.

    The Hospital integrated iCAD, an advanced image analysis tool to provide earlier detection of breast cancers especially those that are the hardest to find, and the addition of Volpara breast density assessment software gives Oneida Healthcare a complete Mammography system.  New York State has legislated that a woman be informed of her breast density.  The FDA to provide an objective, accurate and reproducible way to standardize breast density assessment, has approved Volpara software.

    “The purchase of this equipment demonstrates Oneida Healthcare’s commitment to providing the best possible care to our community,” Dr. Goldberg concluded.

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