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    Fertility Myths and Misconceptions

    There are many myths and preconceived notions about fertility. It’s important to ask these questions before you start to grow your family.


    • Aging :  While there is nothing no one can do to stop the ever ticking clock of aging on fertility. Technology has allowed women to freeze their eggs when they are young and fertile. One of methods with the highest success rates is vitrification. This is a flash freezing technology that preserves an egg. If you are a women who would like to build their career but would like to eventually start a family this is a great method. It is also a method used for women who are recently diagnosed with cancer and other disease and wish to preserve their fertility.
    •  Man’s fertility does not decline with age: The older the man the more difficult it is to conceive. Semen quality declines and there is a increase in DNA fragmentation in the sperm.
    •  A woman can get pregnant until she hits menopause: women’s fertility declines throughout your thirties. By the age of 40 over half of couples are infertile and by 45 women have less than a 5% chance of becoming pregnant. A women in her 40s still may be ovulating but her eggs are poorer quality. As women get older her eggs will have a higher percentage of genetic abnormalities. A decrease in fertility, an increase in miscarriages and chromosomal abnormal babies are usually the causes of genetic abnormalities.
    • Most couples can conceive as soon as they try: a young couple at the perk of their fertility has only a 25% chance of conceiving each month. After trying for a year 85 of young couples will conceive.

    Remember that science is always changing and evolving. There are high success rates then there was 10 years ago. If you are having problems during conception please talk to your doctor to find out what resources are best for you.

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