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    Minimal Invasive GYN Surgery

    Minimal Invasive GYN Surgery

    When facing the process of having surgery for a Hysterectomy or other gynecologic conditions the Da Vinci Surgery surgical system  brings a minimal invasive surgery. This approach reduces surgical risk and allows a faster recovery time to normal activity in just 2 weeks.

    If  you believe you have a gynecologic condition, your treatment and condition may differ depending on how severe your symptoms are. It’s important to understand common types of the GYN conditions.

    • Fibroids: growths in the uterine wall that are  non-cancerous
    • Endometriosis: benign growths of the uterine line, Most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 25 – 35 but can occur anytime during menstruation through menopause.
    • Prolapse: Slipping of the uterus
    • Benign condition still may affect a women’s reproductive system.

    Some symptoms you may experience if you are suffer from a Gynecologic symptom:

    • Pain
    • Pelvic discomfort
    • Pelvic Pressure
    • Backache
    • Back pain
    • Bleeding
    • Very heavy abnormal bleeding
    • Passing Blood clots

    for more list of symptoms visit: http://www.oneidahealthcare.org/patient-care-services/da-vinci-surgical-system/gyn-da-vinci-surgery


    Oneida Health Care is an exclusive robotic surgery center in Madison and Oneida County and it’s very beneficial to clients such as Low blood loss, low rate complications, shorter hospital stay, minimal scarring and a 2 weeks recovery time.


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