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    The Queen of Fruits – Strawberries

    Since it’s June we’re exploring the health benefits of strawberries aka the Queen of Fruits. These juicy hearted shaped fruit offer more then just their sweet deliciousness. They also packed with plenty of health benefits!


    • Helps Short Term Memory lost. The anthocyanins in strawberries help boots short term memory over time. 
    • Burns off stored fat. The red coloring contains anthocyanins which stimulates the burning of stored fat.
    • Prevents Heart attacks. Eating strawberries can help lower risk of heart attack in young women. They contain fiber, folate, vitamin C and flavonoids that help lower overall cholesterol.
    • Increase Immune system. Strawberries carry vitamin C  that help benefit the body’s immune system and prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in the body.
    • Lower High blood pressure. The vitamin C found in strawberries can also help lower high blood pressure.  Strawberries also contain potassium and magnesium.
    • Strengthen bones. Strawberries contain manganes, this helps maintain bone formation and bone structure.
    • Healthy & Low Calories. A tasty snack  that is only about 43 calories per cup!
    • Beautiful Skin & Hair. Folate is found in strawberries. It’s a B group vitamin that help nourish the hair and skin.


    Strawberries aren’t always delicious and great to eat but they are also fun to pick. If your looking for something to fun to do with the family this month, strawberry season is in full swing!

    some strawberries farms to considering to go to:

    Swistak Farm

    North Star Orchards

    Tassleberry Farm

    Candella’s Farm & Greenhouse



    health tip: The reddest berries have the most anthocyanins.

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