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    The Truth about Menopause

    Many may call Menopause the “Change of Life” but the truth about menopause is simply the end of menses. Some women can sail through menopause with minimal or no side effects while others may suffer through symptoms. Symptoms include insomnia, mood change, weight gain, hot flashes, unexpected menstruation.

    Some symptoms of menopause can last for month or years and usually begins around 51. Although some women being in their 40s and some in their late 50s. Once a women loses her main source of estrogen…menopause begins.

    It is possible to help ease Menopause Symptoms by changing your eating habits. Think of food as medicine to help control certain symptoms of menopause.

    – Low Fat. Eating a low fat diet can help decrease hot flashes and night sweats in women. Some low fat diets to consider is the Mediterranean diet or the Paleo Diet.

    -No packaged foods. Avoid Packaged and fast food that contain high levels of sodium, sugar and fat. These food  contribute to weight gain and mood swings.

    – Protein. Protein helps keep hunger under control and stay full. It’s recommended to have a portion of dairy with an ounce or two of protein. If you are vegetarians add beans and lentils to meals.

    – Take it easy on the Wine. Alcohol slows metabolism more than 70 percent, raises your stress hormone.

    – Avoid hot flash inducing food. Coffee, sodas, alcohol and spicy foods tend to trigger hot flashes. Try driving more water or switch to teas. It will also help keep the excess weight at bay.


    To help keep healthy during menopause contact your doctor to find out what other ways to help with menopause relief.


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