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    Why Should You Practice Breathing?

    If you’ve forgotten how to breathe, there might be a major problem. But we’re not talking about your every day inhales and exhales.

    Breathing is an important part of the pre-birth and labor process that is useful for healthy, successful deliveries. Most, if not all lamaze classes, will incorporate breathing as a core component.

    The primary function of practicing breathing is to prepare your body for instinctive labor. Believe it or not, your body is well programmed to deliver a healthy baby, and your mind can actually get in the way. Learning to breathe properly, sometimes with the help of a partner, can significantly reduce your stress and improve the berthing process.

    Tips for breathing:

    1. Deep breaths in through your nose
    2. Breathe out through your mouth
    3. Relax your jaw
    4. Focus on your breathing to relax your pelvis
    5. Get support from a berthing partner or Doula

    Check out the simple starter video below:

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